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Whole Foods Market to Install Just Walk Out Technology


Just Walk Out a checkout-free technology developed by Amazon will be progressively extended to Whole Foods Market locations in 2022.  The Just Walk Out system uses overhead cameras, weight sensors and AI to track purchases by consumers and to calculate payment.  Customers can select the Just Walk Out option when entering the store or use the traditional checkout lane.  The Just Walk Out method of payment will require scanning a QR code on an app, scanning their palm on an Amazon One signature device and inserting a credit card linked to an Amazon account.  On exiting the store, Just Walk Out debits an Amazon account and sends a digital receipt to the app.


John Mackey, CEO stated, “By collaborating with Amazon to introduce Just Walk Out shopping customers will be able to purchase fresh products and receive exceptional services throughout their shipping trip and save time by skipping the checkout line.”


Just Walk Out is used in Amazon Go stores in Washington State, home of the parent company.  Amazon Go has 17 locations in operation all undergoing transition to the Amazon Fresh banner.  The Whole Foods Market subsidiary of Amazon operates 506 stores in the U.S., 14 locations in Canada with an additional six in the U.K.