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Rose Acre Farms Divests Soybean Plant


In a September 13th release, Benson Hill Inc. announced acquisition of a soybean crushing plant from Rose Acre Farms.  The transaction will be funded by Western Technology Investment.


Bruce Bennett, President, for Ingredients at Benson Hill stated, "the acquisition of the Rose Acre Farm soybean crushing facility represents an important next step in the execution of our playbook for growth".  He added, "this targeted investment can ultimately provide the production capacity to deliver on our integrated business model for commercialization and scaling of our innovative soybean products including ultra-high protein soybean ingredients.  Benson Hill is promoting ultra-high protein soybeans and has contracted to extend acreage for the 2022- growing season. 


Tony Wesner, COO of Rose Acre Farms stated, "we look forward to continuing our partnership with Benson Hill and believe they will be a valuable member of our community.  We expect this transaction will result in value to our local farmers, particularly as opportunities for the Benson Hill network of farmer partners continues to expand".