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Egg-Free Mayonnaise Using Chickpea Isolate


ChickP of Israel had isolated a protein from chickpeas to be added to plant-based mayonnaise. The product obviates the need to add hydrocolloids and stabilizers to achieve emulsification.  The manufactures claim retention of high solubility, heat stability and foaming despite extended shelf life.


Ron Klein, CEO of ChickP stated, "based on work with Aquafaba, the development has been a culinary game changer for many vegans".  He added, "the downside is that it still does not present a viable egg substitute in nutritional terms as it contains only a fraction of the protein of an egg".


The same can be said of all plant-based mayonnaise substitutes prepared without eggs.  Irrespective of the nutritional inferiority, the ChickP product appears to offer advantages over other ersatz mayonnaise products developed and marketed in the U.S.