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Fresh Produce Procurement Reform Act Introduced


Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) Chairperson of the House Appropriations Committee has introduced the Fresh Produce Procurement Reform Act.  The intent of this proposed legislation is to enhance the ability of the USDA to purchase and distribute fresh fruit and vegetables.  DeLauro commented, "Last year the COVID-19 pandemic created the greatest economic and public health crisis in a generation".  She added, "As the economic crisis worsened hunger skyrocketed particularly among families with children and the pandemic has exploited our country's nutrition crisis disproportionately affecting Americans with chronic diet-related conditions including obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart failure".


DeLauro praised the Farmers to Families Box Program introduced by the previous Administration under the direction of then Secretary of Agriculture, Dr. Sonny Perdue. The proposed Fresh Produce Procurement Reform Act will enable USDA to work with growers, distributors and food hubs to supply fruit and vegetables to local pantries and food banks.


Fruit and vegetables appear to have gained prominence in initiatives to improve nutrition dating back to the efforts of then First Lady Michelle Obama who championed balanced nutrition and worked against food deserts in inner cities of major metro regions.


It would certainly be of benefit to the egg industry if a Congressional champion for the nutritional value of eggs could be motivated.  Perhaps even Representative DeLauro with her knowledge of nutrition and public health could be persuaded as to the benefits of a low-calorie food with an ideal amino acid composition.