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BioChek SPP PCR: a complete Salmonella qPCR solution


The majority of clinical and quality decisions in the poultry production chain rely on laboratory results. Therefore, there is a need for rapid laboratory testing procedures including PCR to:-


  • Effectively allow feed mills, breeders, processing plants and food safety authorities to:
    • Closely monitor, control, and react to emerging Salmonella in the food chain.
    • Implement corrective action in primary production and poultry processing plants to suppress Salmonella
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements for poultry and poultry products.
  • Apply certified approved tests, demonstrating performance equal to culture reference methods (ISO 6579 1, NPIP, etc.)


BioChek Test Kit


The BioChek SPP DNA Test Kit contains ready-to-use reagents, for a complete Real-Time PCR solution. The BioChek kit consists of Salmonella Primer Probe/Internal control; DNA mastermix; Salmonella qPCR positive and negative controls.


BioChek guarantees high-quality results, using proven technology:

  • Stable PCR reagents for reliable and reproducible results.
  • Use of internal PCR control to prevent false-negative results due to inhibition.
  • Negative and positive controls to safeguard PCR assay validity.
  • 100% specificity for Salmonella spp motile and non-motile strains.
  • High sensitivity detecting down to 1.5 CFU/25 gr sample.
  • AFNOR certified, providing excellent agreement with ISO-6579-1 culture method (2019)


Dedicated service


BioChek has over twenty years of experience in supporting animal health and primary production. The Company has a dedicated after-sales support team with same-day technical support through local product specialists, including PCR support.

BioChek is driven through measurable performance based on the four C’s:

  • Confidence in the quality of test results
  • Convenience of test workflow and data management
  • Cost-efficiencies in and outside the laboratory through higher operational productivity
  • Choice to use existing resources and the flexibility to adapt to changing demand


Save time and effort

The convenient and unique BioChek software combines sample set-up, data collection and analysis with optimal reporting using a single program and database for both PCR reagent packs and ELISA assays. Using BioChek software while performing PCR testing saves significant operator time and effort while reducing the risk of errors in data entry. Reports generated by the software are clear and structured, to facilitate analysis and comparison of data. The BioChek monitoring software interfaces with the most commonly used thermocyclers.


More information

BioChek also offers PCR reagent packs for NDV, ILT, ORT, IBV and Campylobacter as well as a broad range of ELISA test kits. A complimentary E-book on PCR technology is available for download at For additional information contact Tim Goode (BioChek Vice President of the Americas) at: