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World Egg Day


Friday, October 8th is designated as World Egg Day with the 2021 theme “Eggs for All: Nature’s Perfect Package”,  to highlight the contribution of eggs to nutrition worldwide The event was created at the 1996 Conference of the International Egg Commission as a promotional initiative.  National egg industry associations in 40 countries use the day to promote the value of eggs, egg safety, versatility and to provide recipes that increase consumption.


Suresh Chitturi, Chairman of the International Egg Commission, stated “World Egg Day is always a fantastic opportunity to honor the incredible benefits of eating eggs and we love to see how different cultures and areas of the world celebrate.”  Following the relaxation of COVID restrictions in many nations, in-person events will be held to supplement virtual online presentations.


 Opponents of intensive egg production will be mounting a counter campaign in 2021 encouraging consumption of alternatives to real eggs.