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Hotraco Agri Introduces EggXact™ Egg Counter


Following extensive research and field evaluation, Hotraco Agri has introduced the EggXact™ Egg Counting System.  Features include:-


  • Sensors are protected from dust and egg remnants to promote reliability and accuracy
  • The counting system incorporates high-speed communication with real-time data exchange.
  • Readout is available from each belt to locate problems rapidly and to take action to prevent loss through breakage.
  • The communication system is located remotely from the egg counter with galvanic separation to improve reliability and accuracy.
  • Applying real-time communication to achieve optimal egg flow as opposed to pulses associated with conventional egg counters.
  • The Hotraco Agri egg flow controller manages multiple belts that communicate with each other to provide smooth and regular transfer to the grader.
  • EggXact™ Egg Counters apply sensor technology that does not react to ambient light
  • A potentially long operating life will be obtained through incorporating high internal protection ratings in the design (IP54 standard). Sensors are protected from dust and splashing water and all adjustments are made remotely.
  • The EggXact™ Egg Counter is designed for ease of installation.  Counters are pre-wired and supplied with standard mounting brackets.  Sensors can be installed as plug-in units for removal during inter-flock cleaning.
  • EggXact™ is compatible with a wide range of egg collection modalities including rod conveyors, jute and PVC belts and will function with accuracy through a wide range of belt speeds.


Additional information can be obtained by clicking on to the Hotraco Agri logo on the right side of the Welcome page.