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Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch Installs Solar Array


On Tuesday, October 26th, Herbruck's Poultry Ranch inaugurated a solar array erected on the Green Meadows Farm near Saranac, MI.  The array extends over eight acres and will provide 25 percent of the electrical power for the in-line aviary complex producing organic eggs. 


The solar array, the first of additional installations for Herbruck's complexes complements previous initiatives including installation of an Uzelac manure processing system as part of their program to enhance sustainability. 


In commenting on the solar project, Cody Herbruck, a third-generation family member and Senior Manager of Operations stated, "we are looking across the entire company for ways that we can be better stewards of what the Lord has given us".  He added, "we are evaluating solar at a couple of our other facilities here in Ionia country and we are excited to move forward".