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SE Responsible for Five Egg-Related Outbreaks in England in 2019


According to Food Safety News five outbreaks of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) were diagnosed among 93 consumers resulting in 13 hospitalizations and one fatality.  Two SE outbreaks were identified without determining a source.


Egg producers in the U.K. follow the British Lion scheme that closely parallels Egg Quality Assurance Programs and the FDA Final Rule on Prevention of Salmonella From Eggs except that vaccinated is mandated.  Outbreaks of SE attributed to eggs are usually traced back to noncompliant small farms.  An extensive outbreak of egg-derived SE in 2018 was attributed to shell eggs imported from Poland.  Deficiencies in SE detection and control in this nation resulted in a number of outbreaks in E.U. nations.


The 3,000 hen exemption included in the FDA Final Rule allows a flock to produce 68,000 dozen eggs annually without surveillance, representing a potential risk of SE. The flock level qualifying for an exemption in the U.K is considerably lower.