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MOBA Introduces Tray Loader


In a November 2nd release Moba announced the introduction of the Model SL125 single- tray loader. The SL125 is available for 6-row systems with a capacity of up to 125 cases/hour. The new single-tray loader applies unique technology to reduce the impact on the eggs by synchronizing operating speed with the in-feed.

The Moba SL 125 loader is designed for thorough cleaning. The open construction is compatible with foaming and rinsing using a low-pressure cleaning system.


The single-tray SL125 loader can be positioned in multiple configurations to conform to plant layout. The loader can be located parallel to the in-feed (side configuration) where the loader is positioned on one side of the in-feed or the more traditional “U-layout”, where the loader is placed at a right-angle to the in-feed. The loader can be configured as either a left- or right-handed installation to accommodate to the layout of the plant.


Moba is a leading multinational supplier of integrated systems for grading, packaging and processing of table eggs. For additional information click on to the Moba logo on the right side of the welcome page.