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USDA-APHIS Webinar on Prevention of HPAI


The USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service will present a webinar on Tuesday November 16th at 13H00 EST on avian influenza. Specialists in virology and epidemiology will review the probability of an outbreak in 2022 and appropriate preventive measures.


The outbreak in 2015 involved 49 egg-producing complexes or farms and 160 turkey grow-out or parent units. The poultry industry depleted 42 million laying hens and pullets and close to 8 million turkeys among 20 states with MN, IA, SD and WI most affected.


Costs borne by the USDA for control were estimated at $1 billion; Contractors and integrators experienced direct losses of  $800; Disruption and a decline in exports amounted to $1.5 billion; Suppliers and Communities lost $500 million and consumers paid more than $2 billion extra for poultry meat and eggs as a result of shortages and disruption in the supply chain.


Migratory waterfowl and shore birds are responsible for introduction of avian influenza viruses. Recovery of H5N1 virus from free-living birds in the E.U during early October preceded outbreaks of HPAI in commercial flocks in the Netherlands and Serbia.


The APHIS Webinar is highly recommended based on the risks and consequences of outbreaks. Receiving recommendations from speakers in a program will however only be beneficial if deficiencies in structural and operational biosecurity on a complex are acknowledged and appropriate preventive action is taken in advance of a possible but likely introduction of avian influenza.