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Danaeg Recalls Free-Range Eggs due to Salmonella Contamination


The Danish egg production cooperative, Danaeg, has recalled three products derived from free- range hens marketed in Northern Germany that were packed in the Danaeg A/S plant in Christiansfeld.  From news reports, it is noted that the Company detected Salmonella infection on routine quaulity control assay.  To preserve image and reputation, Danaeg acted swiftly to recall an unspecified number of eggs in six and ten-egg packs with best-before dates ranging from November 1st through November 12th.  In the E.U. each egg is jet printed with a code denoting housing system, nation of origin, and a farm code.  The implicated eggs bear the stamp “1.DK081131”. 


In late September the Veterinary and Food Administration of Denmark identified Salmonella Enteritidis in eggs and in the environment of a producer supplying the Danaeg Plant (DK 7003). This pahogen is responsible for 15 diagnosed cases of salmonellosis in Denmark  as confirmed by whole genome sequencing. The implicated eggs under the Henriettalund Brand have been recalled. Eggs from the suspected batch were distributed among numerous supermarkets in Denmark and Sweden 


Danaeg is a consortium of two companies in Denmark, two in Sweden and one in Finland. In Denmark egg producers belonging to the Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab, a cooperative.