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Ahold Delhaize Projects Doubled Sales Worldwide by 2025


According to an article in Supermarket News, Ahold Delhaize intends increasing annual revenue by $12 billion by 2025.  This goal was declared by president and CEO Frans Muller in an investment call on Monday, November 15th.


The Company intends to increase sales through extending digital capability, implementing an omni-channel transformation and by creating one-stop destinations for customers.  The company aims for its banners to be leaders within their markets.  This is exemplified by the Giant Company expanding in Philadelphia, metropolitan New York and southern New Jersey.


U.S. CEO, Kevin Holt noted “Customers are constantly in motion looking for convenient and personalized solutions to save time.”  He added, “Our strategy is built on providing relevant omni-channel solutions so our customers can enjoy the moments that matter in their lives.” 


Ahold Delhaize will rely heavily on technology and self-distribution.  Subsidiary ADUSA will operate 25 DCs and 28 E-commerce fulfillment centers and will also provide click-and-collect convenience at 1,500 locations by the end of 2022.