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Pilgrim’s Pride Denied Permit for rendering Plant in Gadsden, AL


The Gadsden Airport Authority has rejected a proposal from Pilgrim’s Pride to erect a rendering plant near their location.  Considerable opposition surfaced after the proposal was made public.  The Authority rejected the application at a December 17th meeting by unanimous vote that denied lease or sale of airport property to either Pilgrim’s Pride or their nominee Etowah Community Group.

The Federal Aviation Administration noted that the proposal to locate a rendering plant at the location would be unsafe and hazardous.  This presumably was based on the certainty that the plant would attract wild birds a situation incompatible with flight operations.


Authorities responsible for management of state or local resources will become increasingly sensetive to public opinion and landholder and residents rights. Increased scruitiny will be extended to applications for permits and zoning variances requested for installations associated with intensive livestock agriculture including egg-production farms and plants.