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Campbell Soup Appoints Chief Supply Chain Officer


The Campbell Soup Company has appointed Daniel L. Poland as Executive Vice-president and Chief Supply Officer, effective January 10, 2022. Poland has extensive experience in the consumer package goods industry. He was previously an Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer at Pinnacle Foods.  It was here that he met Mark Clouse the current CEO of Campbell Soup.  He has also worked for Nestle and Gerber and was employed by HJ Heinz for fifteen years, moving from plant manager to Chief Supply Chain Officer.


Poland earned a BS in agricultural engineering from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Iowa.

This appointment clearly demonstrates the pivotal role of supply chain management in any food-related company.  Disruption associated with COVID, tensions in international trade attributed to political considerations, delays in shipping, escalation in cost and restricted availability of domestic road transport have all created problems for manufacturers of food products.