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Tekni-Plex Acquires Fibro Corporation


In a January 19th release, Tekni-Plex announced acquisition of the assets and technology of Fibro Corporation, located in Tacoma, WA.  The company develops and manufactures molded fiber packaging for eggs and fresh food supplying sustainable pulp-based containers. The production capability of the Fibro Corporation will be integrated with Dolco Packaging allowing the company to supply egg cartons fabricated from either polystyrene foam, PET or pulp. Fibro has developed a smooth-finished, fiber-based egg carton facilitating precise printing and product presentation.


Previously Tekni-Plex acquired Keyes Packaging Group and Grupo Phoenix to increase the range of biodegradable packaging that will contribute to sustainability.


In commenting on the acquisition, Jay Arnold, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dolco Packaging, stated “Our intention is to invest further in this innovative technology platform as we scale up, increase capacity, and expand our product line to bring superior solutions to the broader fresh-foods landscape.”