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Perdue Agribusiness Establishes Collaboration With ZeaKal


Egg-NewsPerdue Agribusiness has entered into a joint development program to apply ZeaKal PhotoSeed® technology to produce more sustainable soybeans.  ZeaKal PhotoSeed® plants are more efficient at photosynthesis resulting in beans with  higher oil (oleic acid) but with increased  protein content.


Perry Aulie, Senior Vice-president of Value-Added Products for Perdue Agribusiness, stated, “As we evaluated our supply chain, it became clear that moving upstream to access better seed genetics could improve value and sustainability.”  He added, “PhotoSeed® soy development will be transformative for Perdue soy processing and specialty oils while improving the quality of feed.  Trials during 2021 demonstrated a one percent improvement in protein and a 12 percent increase in oil content in beans produced by the cultivar.



Use of the PhotoSeed® cultivar would require seeding dedicated areas designated for segregated harvesting, storage and processing to achieve the genetic benefits of enhanced oil and protein content. An integrated enterprise such as Perdue Agribusiness in direct association with the feed milling and broiler production components of Perdue Farms would be able to capitalize on the ZeaKal technology given location and structure.