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Congress to Address Need for Worker Visas


Egg-NewsProspects for limited but expedient immigration reform have gathered momentum during past weeks despite other Congressional distractions.  According to Roll Call, bipartisan support is gathering to reconsider the need for additional visas including H-2A seasonal agricultural slots and H-2B visas for among others, the hospitality and food-processing segments of the economy.


The Farm Workforce Modernization Act sponsored by Rep. Dan Newhouse (D-WA) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) passed the House in March 2021 with the support of 30 votes from the Republican side of the aisle.  A Senate version of the bill is currently under review by Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) and Sen. Michael D. Crapo (R-ID).



The approach of the summer travel season and the need for adequate labor to harvest the 2022 crop have generated a sense of urgency among both parties that are receiving pressure from constituents and from organizations including the United Farm Workers.