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Welcome to Sponsor, Bröring Technology


Broring is a sponsor of Egg-NewsBröring Technology GmbH., was established in 1995 by Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bröring following requests to develop a range of instruments providing quantitative measurements of egg quality.  In addition, the Company has supplied equipment, electronic installations and circuitry useBroring is a sponsor of Egg-Newsd by primary breeders to measure parameters that are incorporated in index-selection breeding programs.


Bröring has developed a suite of instruments to characterize shell and internal quality used extensively by primary breeders and the operators of hatcheries and egg-packing plants.  The current range of instruments with their accessories includes: -


  • FEST breaking strength instrument.  The integrity of an egg shell can be determined in two seconds with up to 900 determinations per hour.
  • Haugh-unit Instrument to characterize internal quality. Combined with the readout from an accurate electronic scale it is possible to determine the Haugh-unit measurement.  The formula for Haugh units is incorporated into software that provides a printout and visual display of weight, albumen height and the Haugh unit score for an egg.

Broring is a sponsor of Egg-News

  • Yolk color can be determined using a Bröring instrument. An egg is broken onto a glass table allowing  the instrument to measure L*a*b data. Red-green and blue ratios  are analyzed to provide a standard value corresponding to the units on the DSM/Roche yolk- color fan.
  • Shell thickness micrometer - This electronic hand-held instrument has measuring surfaces to accommodate to the curvature of a shell and provides a digital readout.
  • Bröring can apply microprocessor technology to develop electronic circuitry customized for specific QC applications.


Broring is a sponsor of Egg-NewsBröring supplies individual instruments or their combination to equip a complete QC laboratory for eggs.


Bröring has agents in all major egg producing nations. The U.S. contact is Tim Wittek, available at  <>.


The Bröring Technology website can be accessed at <> or by clicking on to the logo on the right side of the Welcome page.