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Salmonella Outbreak due to Chocolate Expands


Egg-NewsCases of infection with Salmonella Typhinurium have expanded to include 324 patients in 16 nations including Canada and the U.S. Chocolate products manufactured in a Ferrero plant in Arlon in Belgium are the source of infection.


Investigation disclosed contamination in 81 samples among finished and intermediate products and raw materials. Environmental swabs tested positive for Salmonella reflecting production dates from December 2021 through January 2022. Two strains of monophasic Salmonella Typhinurium have been implicated in the outbreak. Both are multi-drug resistant and apparently refractory to QAC sanitizers used in the facility.



Officials in Belgium issued a ban on production in April 2022 and the plant will only reopen subject to demonstrating freedom from contamination. An extensive multinational recall is in effect with the cost exceeding $60 million.  The European Food Safety Agency considers that infection was present in the plant prior to December 2021 based on the first case identified in the U.K. on January 7th with a sampling date of December 21st 2021.