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Restaurants Adding Surcharges To Offset Inflation


Egg-NewsSurveys conducted by Lightspeed, a software developer, noted the sharp increase in service charges added to restaurant bills during the past twelve months to April 2022. Close to a third  (36.4 percent) of restaurants added surcharges among a sample of 6,000.  The value of surcharges almost doubled over the twelve months.  Peter Dougherty, General Manager of Hospitality for Lightspeed, noted that the additions imposed by restaurants are due to increased costs of operation.


Fees are euphemistically referred to as “non-cash adjustment”; “fuel surcharge”; “kitchen appreciation” and “temporary inflation fee”. Additional fees are frequently overlooked by diners, although price-sensitive customers are responding negatively to inflated checks and are either complaining or leaving the restaurant with a sense of having been imposed on.