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EPA Establishes Biodiesel RFS


Egg-NewsThe Environmental Protection Agency has set the renewable fuel biodiesel standard (RFS) for 2022 of 5.63 billion gallons, a 22 percent increase over 2020.  The National Retail Federation criticized the extent of the increase, stating that the mandate would be inflationary, given diversion of soybean oil to fuel.


Egg-NewsDavid French, Senior Vice-President for Government Relations with the National Retail Federation stated, “For more than a year we’ve alerted the EPA and the Administration about the shortage of food oils which is causing significant disruption through the supply chain and raising food costs for customers.”


The EPA action is at an inopportune time, given the projected shortage of sunflower oil from Ukraine following the invasion of that nation by the Russian Federation.  The situation is further complicated by some states requiring higher levels of inclusion of biofuel in diesel exceeding federal mandates, depriving the restaurant industry and food manufacturers of available vegetable oil.