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Walmart To Establish Fulfillment Centers


Following the lead of Kroger with their partner, Ocada, Walmart has announced that it will erect four fulfillment centers using robotics and advanced computer technology to achieve a high level of efficiency. Walmart will use Knapp technology that has been tested in a fulfillment center in NJ.   The aim is to offer same-day shipping of a wide range of groceries, clothing and household items that will be available to in excess of three quarters of the U.S. population.


According to Dave Guggina, V.P. of Innovation at Walmart, the fulfillment centers will perform the following sequence:-

  • unloading delivered merchandise,
  • distribution of products within the center using an automated storage system,
  • retrieval of products to fill orders using shuttle transports
  • Packing orders followed by shipping


Planned fulfillment centers will range from 1.1 to 2.2 million square feet in extent and will be located in Joliet, IL., McCordsville, IN. and Greencastle, PA. scheduled to commence production over the third quarter of 2022 through to mid-2024.  It is anticipated that the four centers, collectively, will provide employment for 4,000 workers, many of whom will have high-paying jobs requiring training and technology.  Ultimately, Walmart intends establishing automated fulfillment centers that will serve 4,700 stores in the U.S. and receive items from 210 distribution centers.


Walmart will also upgrade existing distribution centers to deploy robotics from Symbotic Inc. with the first 25 installations scheduled for immediate implementation.