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Labor Advocacy Group Cites Twelve Major U.S. Employers


Egg-NewsThe National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH), an independent labor advocacy group unaffiliated to OSHA, has issued a list of twelve employers cited for accidents that have taken lives during the past year. These include:-


  • Amazon with fatalities at a Bessemer, AL warehouse destroyed by a tornado
  • Dollar General stores with a list of employees who were victims of robberies resulting in injuries.
  • Foundation Food Group with six workers died following a nitrogen leak
  • Starbucks that recorded a high incidence rate of COVID among workers


The NCOSH claims that employers cited were negligent and allowed workers to be exposed to risks.  In reviewing the list, it is evident that tornadoes are not necessarily the responsibility of employers. However investigations revealed deficiencies in preparedness training, failure to provide adequate shelter in tornado-prone areas or substandard construction not conforming to established engineering codes.



 The organization could have recognized companies, especially in the food industry, that have been proactive in introducing measures to control and prevent COVID, reduce ergonomic injuries and who are providing preventive health services.  More progress will be made through dialogue and mutual respect between workers and employers than condemning companies for presumed or alleged negligence.