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2022 Renewable Fuels Standard


According to a release from the Environmental Protection Agency on June 3rd, the following volume requirements were determined for 2022: -


  • Cellulosic biofuel: 0.69 billion gallons
  • Biomass-based diesel: 2.76 million gallons
  • Advanced biofuel: 5.63 billion gallons
  • Total renewable fuel:  20.63 billion gallons


Stated values represent ethanol-equivalents on an energy basis with the exception of biomass-based diesel which represents a biodiesel-equivalent. The conventional ethanol component will be 15.0 billion gallons as previously suggested.


Michael Regan, EPA Administrator, stated “Today’s actions will help to reduce our reliance on oil and put the RFS program back on track after years of challenges and mismanagement.”


Previously in December 2021, EPA denied 69 pending Small Refinery Exemptions petitions, but allowed three small refineries to meet blending obligations under RFS of previous years.