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EPA Issues Biological Evaluation of Sulfoxaflor After Lawsuit


A biological evaluation released in draft form by the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday, July 19th confirmed that sulfoxaflor represents a danger to a wide range of insect species including bees that are required to pollinate crops.  In 2015, a Federal court effectively removed sulfoxaflor from the market, since the EPA did not have adequate evidence to demonstrate safety for bees.  Notwithstanding the scientific justification for registration, EPA allowed sulfoxaflor on post-blooming crops in 2019.  This action was challenged by the Center for Food Safety and the Center for Biological Diversity.


The approval by FDA in 2019 allowed the compound to be used on soybeans, alfalfa, cotton, corn, fruit and plants and vegetables after blooming and for the pre-blooming stage for peaches, cherries and almonds.


The Center for Food Safety noted that sulfoxaflor would otherwise have been applied to blooming crops without the lawsuit, resulting in damage to bee and other beneficial insect populations.