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TekniPlex Rebrands to Harmonizine Corporate Identity


In a September 8th announcement, Brenda Chamulak, president and CEO of TekniPlex, stated, “By consolidating all brands under the TekniPlex name, we will be able to better service our customers by providing greater visibility into the full-breadth of our capabilities and offerings.”  She added, “We will also be able to more thoroughly leverage our synergies between our businesses and solidify our position as a leading materials, science solutions partner to many of the world’s largest brands.”


The altered brand structure unites many diverse business units under two divisions, respectively, Healthcare and Consumer Products.  The latter division will include Dolco, MMC Packaging Equipment, Keys and Fribro, among others.


Dolco is a significant supplier of polystyrene cartons to the shell-egg segment of the industry.  The company sharply increased production to satisfy demand following the emergence of COVID when breakers were forced to divert product to the shell market.


TekniPlex employs 7,000 team members through operations in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Germany, China and seven other nations.  For additional information, access  <>.