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2023 Farm Bill Proposals


Depending on the composition of the House and Senate in 2023, the next Farm Bill might be radically different from existing legislation and is certain to generate controversy.

Members of House committees have to take into account the reality of climate change, disruption in supply chains persisting after the control of COVID and geopolitical events.


The Administration plan will attempt to include a variety of politico-social considerations into the Farm Bill based on stated priorities.  These include:-

  • Reducing hunger by strengthening food assistance programs.
  • Respond to climate change by investing in research, technical assistance and support for farmers and ranchers.
  • Emphasizing racial justice through actions that compensate for alleged past discrimination and by assigning resources, including grants to communities regarded as historically under-invested and underserved.
  • Improving the safety and remuneration of workers by increasing wages, providing healthcare and housing.
  • Protecting farmers and consumers from unfair competition.
  • Ensuring safety of the U.S. food supply by reducing bacterial contamination.


The tone of the approach by USDA and those advocating for a radical change in the Farm Bill is denoted by the use of the term “factory farms” in place of CAFOs, referring to intensive livestock production facilities.