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Swiss Voters To Consider a Ballot Similar to Proposition #12


Voters in Switzerland will decide on whether to ban intensive livestock production by placing minimum space allowances for livestock and poultry and establishing strict environmental limitations.

The rules if passed will have the force of law. The ballot includes a requirement that imported animal products and also foods with ingredients of animal origin would have to be produced in accordance with the Swiss standards.


The initiative has considerable support from environmental and welfare activists, including vegans. Jasmijn de Boo, Vice-President of ProVeg International, noted, “Factory farming should no longer be tolerated today.”  She added, “The system is responsible for agricultural run-off and mass river pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, compacted soil and increased risk of antimicrobial resistance.”

It is hoped that the astute voters of Switzerland will take a careful look at the initiative and consider the effects of both a domestic ban on intensive production and more importantly restrictions on imports.  The proposal would markedly reduce the availability of animal protein and disrupt food production in the nation.  The adoption of the ballot initiative would be a classic case of a vociferous minority imposing their intentions, however sincere, on the entire population and generating unintended consequences.