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Burger King to Invest in Brand Identity to Stimulate Sales


Burger King has announced that it will invest $400 million over the two years to implement  “royal reset” and “fuel the flame” programs.  Approximately $150 million will be designated for advertising in mainstream and digital media in the “fuel the flame” component.  The “royal reset” will involve investment of $250 million in restaurant technology, remodels and relocations.


The “royal reset” component will include upgrades to 3,000 stores to improve guest experience to match the adverting campaign.  Over $200 million will be used to rehabilitate 800 restaurants over two years.


Tom Curtis, president of Burger King North America developed the plan and consultation with franchisees. The initiative was developed to enhance the perception of the Burger King brand, improve menu offerings and value and to modernize restaurants. 


The deployment of $400 million will have an adverse effect on EPS through FY 2024 but the investment will be accretive to adjusted EPS for 2025 onwards.


Burger King intends to develop a chicken sandwich portfolio launching the Royal Crispy Chicken that will extend the present original chicken sandwich offering.