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Uncertainty over Corn Exports to Mexico


Secretary Tom Vilsack is confident that exports of corn to Mexico will continue based on assurances provided by Minister of Agriculture, Victor Villalobos. This opinion is contrary to the statements by Deputy Agriculture Minister Victor Suarez, that Mexico intends imposing a ban on  GM corn and the use of glyphosate in accordance with the directives of the President.  The ban is scheduled to commence in January 2024.


The U.S. exported 16.8 million metric tons of corn (661 million bushels) to Mexico in 2021.  According to press reports, if the ban were to be effected, Mexico would seek to buy 15 million tons of GM corn from other nations. This appears to be unattainable based on the fact there is insufficient availability of non-GM seed.  The financial impact on Mexico and consumers would be considerable if the ban is imposed.  There is no scientific justification for banning either GM corn or the use of glyphosate herbicide in cultivation. The proposed ban is either a combination of ignorance and misinformation on the part of the President or a cynical political move to create the impression of a leader concerned with the wellbeing of his Nation.


Irrespective of the motive the proposed ban lacking in scientific support is contrary to the principle of the USMCA