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Hamlet Present Seminar at EuroTier


Hamlet Protein hosted a Feed Your Brain seminar on November 15th at the EuroTier Exhibition in Hannover, Germany.  The principal speaker was Professor Elizabeth Santin, addressing sustainability in swine and poultry production through gut health. 


CEO of Hamlet Protein, Erik Visser, stated, “EuroTier was an opportunity to share insights on the latest technical developments in nutrition of young animals.  The Feed Your Brain seminar complemented our booth and provided interaction with nutritionists, veterinarians, and customers concerned over gut health”.


Visser added, “Research shows that the inclusion of high-quality ingredients in starter and pre-starter feeds results in improved gut health, better digestion and absorption of feed components and a stronger immune system.”


Hamlet Protein produces soy-based protein ingredients for piglets, poults and chicks at two production plants the original facility in Denmark and a more recent installation in the U.S. in Ohio. For additional information, access