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Commodity Funding Advances Export Activities of USAPEEC


The November 21st edition of the USAPEEC MondayLine highlighted the importance of financial support by commodity associations.  Twenty-one groups with nine representing corn and eleven for soybeans and the American Egg Board have funded USAPEEC to the value of $5.6 million year-to-date.


Approximately 40 percent of the USAPEEC budget for marketing programs is derived from commodity groups.  Funding is spread among chicken at 36 percent; turkey, 27 percent; ducks at 13 percent and eggs, 24 percent.  The amount of funding allocated to international markets is determined by staff specialists at the USAPEEC.


Funding is divided between identifying new markets and building demand within existing nations.  Each week, the MondayLine documents programs conducted in importing nations promoting the quality and consistency of U.S. poultry products to representatives of food service and hospitality sectors.


Shelby Watson, Manager for Allied Industry Relations USAPEEC, stated, “We are grateful for the time, energy and resources our commodity members spend working to help our mission of opening, developing and protecting markets for U.S. poultry and eggs and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”