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Protein Donations by Producers


During the past week, three major protein producers reported on donations of food to the needy:


  • Smithfield Foods delivered 15 tons to the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore to offset food insecurity.  Donations of ham, bacon, lunchmeat and sausages provided for 120,000 serving under the Smithfield Helping Hungry Homes Program.


  • Hormel Foods donated $2,500 to each of ten Minnesota non-profits to facilitate activities including distribution of food.


  • Foster Farms, Farmerville, LA Complex donated 200 tons of chicken to be distributed to the needy across the state.


Opponents of intensive livestock production constantly criticize major broiler producers for alleged deviation from high standards of flock welfare, sustainability and remuneration and safety of workers and growers. These activist groups never mention the generosity and the value of contributions of food and other services to the needy.  When was the last time that any of these “do-good” organizations donated to food banks, indigent immigrant support, first responders and victims of crime and weather disasters?