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GM Wheat to be Planted in Argentina


Bioceres Crop Solutions of Argentine will market GM wheat, tolerant to drought for the 2023 planting season.  This action follows approval in Brazil and will certainly advance the adoption of GM wheat and other crops worldwide.


Approval of GM drought-tolerant wheat is justified by the impact of dry weather on the 2022-2023 crop in Argentine and the reality of global warming that will impact future harvests.


Consumption of GM corn or products derived from GM soybeans has not evidenced any deleterious effect including allergies or toxicities for over two generations since introduction.  Growing concerns over feeding burgeoning populations and the reality of climatic extremes serve as motivators for adoption of GM cultivars.


Naysayers including Greenpeace and recently, the president of Mexico, can neither provide scientific evidence of undesirable effects from GM crops nor provide an alternative to enhance yields.