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SE Reoccurs at Complex in Sweden


EGG-NEWS previously reported on a Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) outbreak at the CA Cedergren complex in Smaland, Sweden during December 2022 that resulted in an extensive national recall of shell eggs.  The outbreak, traced back to the farm, included 80 confirmed cases in 16 regions of the Nation. The Department of Agriculture in Sweden supervised the depopulation of the flock, comprising 165,000 hens in production.


It now appears that following repopulation, SE is still present on the farm and accordingly, additional depopulation will be carried out.  It is evident that this action followed surveillance for SE, although no cases among consumers have been diagnosed.


It would be of interest to determine whether the flocks on the CA Cedergren complex were vaccinated against Salmonella and if so, the type of vaccines and the ages of administration.  Sweden imposes non-conventional restraints on vaccination including a ban on immunizing flocks against Newcastle disease, resulting in a number of outbreaks  of this viral infection in recent years.