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Alltech Publishes White Paper on Organic Selenium


Dr. Richard Murphy, Director of Research at Alltech, has published a white paper. Organic Selenium: A Comparison of Form, Source and Function.  In commenting on his work, Dr. Murphy stated, “Peer-reviewed research has clearly shown that dietary intervention with organic selenium results in significantly enhanced production and health benefits for all species.”


He added, “Organic selenium has been found to be a more effective source than inorganic selenium products, resulting in an increased number of live young per animal, the stimulation of immune function, overall improvement in animal health and an enhanced shelf life for meat, milk and eggs.” 


Dr. Murphy noted that the numerous selenium sources available on the market vary in terms of their stability and shelf-life.  Organic selenium sourced from yeast has high stability in premixes and in compounded feed, even with pelleting.


Alltech offer selenium yeast as Sel-Plex® that has been the subject of more than 300 performance studies.