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Dollar General Designated ‘Severe Violator’ by OSHA


Based on frequent violations resulting in fines amounting to $16 million, Dollar General is now designated as a ‘Severe Violator’ by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


Two investors will present proposals at the upcoming Dollar General annual meeting calling for improved worker safety and wellbeing.  Other investors including United Church Funds will participate in Dollar Tree Proposal #7 claiming inadequate wages and benefits for workers.


Problems encountered with both Dollar General and Dollar Tree stores include clutter, blocked fire exits, malfunctioning electric outlets and neglect of maintenance.  The Dollar Stores located in urban areas are subject to holdups, placing workers at risk.  Factors predisposing to theft include having only one clerk on duty in stores open through extended night hours, advertising over windows obscuring visibility of the interior, inadequate lighting in parking lots and failure to adopt common sense precautions as advised by local public safety agencies.