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Sodexo Promoting Plant-Based Foods in College Catering


Sodexo, a multinational caterer to institutions including colleges intends to base half of the meals it serves on plant-based ingredients by 2025. Sodexo has close association with the Humane Society of the U.S. and other activist groups promoting a vegan agenda and opposed to intensive livestock production.


As a component of Sodexo offerings, the company is substituting eggs with a plant-based product now available in 120 colleges. The product is incorporated into sandwiches, wraps and salads. The fact that the egg substitute is inferior in amino acid content to real egg and is approximately three times the price does not appear to concern the Company or welfare and environmental activists.  The additional costs that must be reflected in the price of meal programs are either borne by parents or simply added to the immense loan burden assumed by students.


Sodexo claims that 80 percent of students surveyed preferred plant-based meals as a primary selection.  In side-to-side comparisons, 30 percent of respondents selected a plant-based meal. Results of surveys of student preferences might be different if these young, idealistic consumers were aware of the cost of their selections.