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Hamlet Seminar in Central America


Hamlet Protein in collaboration with Grupo Profil, their regional distributor for Central America, organized a seminar on monogastric nutrition relevant to hog and poultry production.  The seminar was presented as a webinar with simultaneous reception in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras.


Dr. Alfred Blanch, Category Manager for Poultry with Hamlet Protein, reviewed anti-nutritional factors in soybean meal and their effect on the growth rate of young chickens and piglets.  He stated, “The presence of anti-nutritional factors in soybean meal can severely affect the development of the animal and is particularly damaging for piglets, chicks and poults.”


Dr. Jose Luis Laparra, Technical Sales Manager for Hamlet Protein, stressed the importance of satisfying nutritional requirements during the first weeks of rearing. He introduced the concept of feeding a specialty protein ingredient that is processed by enzymatic degradation of anti-nutritional factors to enhance performance especially in short-lived broilers.