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Walmart Dominates E-Grocery Sales


According to Brick Meets Click, a major market research company, Walmart dominated E-grocery sales and attained 36 percent of the market during the second quarter of 2023.


Price considerations and convenience are driving Walmart E-sales that increased by 5 percent compared to the second quarter of 2022. Walmart has invested heavily in technology and personnel to achieve preeminence in E-commerce in the U.S.  Installation of drive-thru lanes for pickup has contributed to customer convenience and loyalty.

Target is also benefiting from improved ordering and both curbside and in-store pickup during the second quarter of 2023.  Target achieved 7 percent of E-grocery sales.  Notwithstanding the advances by the two national participants, there is a tendency to return to brick and mortar stores with R-commerce grocery orders declining by 1.1 percent during the second quarter compared to 2022.