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Instacart IPO: Share Soars then Swoons


The long-awaited and previously withheld September 19th IPO of Instacart (CART) on NASDAQ presented no surprises. The share price trajectory followed that of ARM, the most recent IPO.


The set price of a CART share was $30 and shortly after trading commenced rose sharply to $42.95. Thereafter a decline set in and CART closed at $33.70 suggesting that the reduced set price was fairly offered. The IPO brought in $420 million for the 8 percent of equity offered.


Instacart had an intraday market capitalization of $9,300 million on September 20th less than a quarter of the eye-watering private valuation of $39,000 million in early 2021 when COVID-related orders were fueling prospects for the enterprise.  The Company achieved a 12-month trailing operating margin of 13.9 percent and a profit margin of 25.7 percent. Return on assets attained 7.4 percent and 28.4 percent on equity. At 13H00 on September 20th CART traded at $31.37 with a trailing P/E of 53.9.