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Tiger Brands in the Republic of South Africa Replaces CEO


Tiger Brands has announced that the current CEO Noel Doyle, will step down as CEO and as an Executive Director.  He will be replaced by Tjaart Kruger as the interim CEO from November 2023 for a 26 month period.  Currently Kruger was previously in charge of the Pharmaceutical and Grains divisions from 2001 to 2007.


The major issue facing Tiger Brands is the litigation relating to the 2017 outbreak of listeriosis associated with a polony (sausage) product manufactured by Enterprise Foods in Polokwane (Pietersburg), capital of Limpopo Province. Polony, a salami-like protein comprises blended and compressed red meat and poultry is consumed extensively by lower income demographics in South Africa.  The outbreak resulted in 1,065 confirmed cases with 218 fatalities.  Given the shortcomings of the health system in the Republic of South Africa, actual numbers of cases probably far exceeded the official total.


After five years, the trial will commence to determine liability in the first stage for the hearing on damages. Subject to the verdict on liability that appears certain to be ruled in favor of the plaintiff class.


Financial data on the Company can be accessed by entering ‘Tiger Brands’ in the SEARCH block.