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U. S. Consumers Return to Pre-COVID Level of Eating-Out


According to a study conducted by Axios, a market research company, consumers in the U. S. have returned to a pre-COVID frequency of consuming meals out of the home.  The frequency of eating at home has fallen to 8.4 meals per week corresponding to the 2019 pre-COVID level. In 2020, as a result of COVID restrictions and concerns, 9.4 meals per week were consumed at home.


Axios attributes the reversion to eating out to a return-to-office mode of working, consuming breakfasts on the way to offices, eating lunches out and less concern over contact in restaurants.


The implications of the Axios study relate to a decline in grocery spending offset by higher sales by QSRs and casual dining restaurants.  An intermediate trend between eating at home and going out will comprise the purchase of meal kits and heat-and-serve meals as sold by supermarkets.