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House Makes Progress in Appropriations Bills


Over the third week of October, the House passed appropriations bills for Defense, Energy and Water, Homeland Security, the Legislative Branch, Military Construction and Veterans Administration and for State and Foreign Operations.  The Interior and Environment Bill was approved on Friday, November 3rd.


According to the plans established by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), additional appropriations bills for financial services in general government and the commerce, justice and science bills will be considered during the current week followed by labor and education and agriculture before the November 17th deadline.  The House will continue debate over Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations, before the process of reconciliation with the Senate takes place.


Concurrently, the Senate is making progress in passing appropriations bills for Agriculture, Military Construction and Veterans Administration, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development.  The House majority is apparently committed to avoiding a shutdown after November 17th, aware of the evident fiscal and political considerations involved.