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Kreher Family Farms Committed to Unitas Software Solutions


Kreher Family Farms, a multi-generation enterprise based in Clarence, NY. has used the Unitas Software – Poultry Manager since 2018 and has benefited from efficient data collection and reporting.  The Unitas suite of programs has enhanced data collection and information through the entire organisation, encompassing flock management, forecasting, benchmarking, compliance and financial records increasing operational efficiency and profitability.


EGG-NEWS recently had the opportunity to discuss with Brian Kreher, Vice-president of Kreher Family Farms how the system was selected in 2018 and his experiences as a Unitas client. 


EGG-NEWS: What were the challenges you were facing in your egg farming and packing business that led you to select the Unitas solution?


Brian: “Prior to engaging with Unitas, we had a functional Excel-based flock management system that my uncle developed.  This operated well but Excel was never designed to handle the sheer amount of data that we were feeding into it every week. As our business grew more complex, it became clear that we had outgrown our homegrown solution and needed to look for a solution outside our Company.”


EGG-NEWS: What was it about Unitas that stood out and guided your selection? 


Brian: “The biggest selling point for the Unitas program is the ease of getting to the heart of how flocks are performing.  The various screens load quickly and satisfy all levels of management, depicting tables with raw data extending to graphics.  Summary screens and reports help narrow down focus areas in short order.


EGG-NEWS: Were there specific features or capabilities that were particularly appealing for the Kreher Family Farms business needs?


Brian: “The Group Screen is an all-time favourite because we can quickly get a sense of how our flocks are doing on each of our farms.  The absolute best feature of the Group Screen is being able to use the search bar to narrow down the farm code without running a separate data pull.  This might mean nothing in description – but once you use it, you’ll see the advantage”!


EGG-NEWS: Can you describe the process of implementing Unitas, with any existing systems used in your business?


Brian: “We identified a working group of company people with both needs and knowledge to work with Unitas during implementation.  They worked alongside the Unitas team to make sure that all of our data needs were being met during and after the initial rollout.  Unitas was very patient with us, as our team had a lot of users that may have had very specific and diverse ways of looking at data. As the process continued, the Unitas team started to anticipate our requirements and proactively suggested changes to the software. Through cooperation and mutual understanding it seemed like they were reading our minds”.


EGG-NEWS: What are the outstanding benefits you have experienced since using the Unitas system, especially in terms of operational efficiency, benchmarking, health management and forecasting?


Brian: “Unitas has made it possible for more people have access to the flock performance records than with our previous Excel-based system.  Because of this, our team takes more ownership of the integrity of data and individual flock performance. Furthermore, this real-time view has helped the farms communicate with our Poultry Health team when concerns arise. The benchmarking feature allows us to easily identify the characteristics of our best performing flocks so we can update our KPIs more regularly”.


EGG-NEWS: How have your management team adapted to the Unitas system? 


Brian “With data input and integrity moving from a single person to farm-level responsibility, Unitas has definitely helped each individual farm manager feel a sense of ownership of results.  The program has become part of our regular business cadence and is embraced by all, because it’s so user friendly”.


EGG-NEWS: Have you been able to quantify a return on investment from implementing the Unitas system?


Brian: “


“While it would be difficult to quantify an ROI from using the program, what is clear is that it is incredibly affordable compared to other options we looked at and by far the best value.  The practical benefits and value gains from the Unitas system are undeniable. This is based on the relatively low initial cost and the obvious practical return all stakeholders receive from understanding and managing the business more effectively. 


The Unitas system has been a catalyst for positive change in our team dynamics, fostering a sense of ownership that enhances data integrity and overall business results. It has improved our data management and decision-making capabilities. By efficiently streamlining flock performance analysis and offering effective health management tools, Unitas has not only saved time but also substantially elevated our operational efficiency and profitability. “


EGG-NEWS: Could you share your experience with ongoing service and support provided by Unitas?


Brian: “The Unitas team is very responsive to the inevitable challenges that arise.  Depending on the situation, we try to group requests for assistance into issues of low priority or to communicate something that requires urgent resolution. Either way we are extremely satisfied with the cooperation and solutions provided by the Unitas team.


EGG-NEWS: As your business grows and evolves, how do you see Unitas supporting Kreher Family Farms?


Brian: “I think I can speak for everyone at our farm when I say that we view Unitas as a partner in our future growth and expansion”.


EGG-NEWS: Thank you, Brian.


About Unitas: 

The Company based in Northern Ireland with over 300 client users, is led by CEO and Co-owner Chris McCoubrey and is supported in the U.S. by Alan Gibson, Vice-president of North America who brings over 30 years experience in the poultry sector.


Unitas is committed to supporting the U.S. egg sector providing resilient and functional data management and information systems through the customizable Poultry Management System suitable for both in-line and outdoor operations.  With the added ability to operate on mobile devices, on or offline, the Unitas Poultry Manager empowers producers to optimise flock performance and maintain profitability in a competitive and evolving market.


For additional information in North America contact Alan Gibson  or click on to the Unitas logo on the right side of the Welcome page.