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Federal Grants to Conserve Colorado River System


The Administration has announced agreements with the Imperial Irrigation District that will result in conservation of 100,000 acre-feet of water in Lake Mead during the current year.  In total, 18 agreements have been concluded to save 350,000 acre-feet of waOOOter in Lake Mead in 2023 and up to one million acre-feet through 2026.


The Department of the Interior will provide funding through the Infrastructure and Inflation Reduction Acts that will include: -

  • $281 million for 21 water recycling projects.
  • Up to $233 million in water conservation funding including pipelines to supply the Gila River Indian Community.
  • $73 million for infrastructure repairs for water delivery systems.
  • $71 million for 32 drought-resiliency projects to store rainwater and recharge aquifers.
  • $70 million to improve infrastructure on the upper Colorado River basin and to facilitate surface and ground water storage.