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Bio-Chek Presents IB Informational Seminar at IPPE


Dr. Brian Jordan UGA

Dr. Brian Jordan of the University of Georgia Departments of Poultry Science and Population Health will present a seminar entitled “Evaluating IB vaccine take by real-time PCR”.  The role of infectious bronchitis in depressing growth and increasing plant condemnation and a reducing egg production is well established.  Despite the availability of a broad range of live attenuated IB vaccines, clinical problems occur in the field attributed to defective vaccination.  The presentation by Dr. Jordan will demonstrate the role of PCR in evaluating immunity after administration of IB vaccines at day of hatch.  The program will stress sample size, timing of sampling and interpretation of results.

The event will take place from 12H00 to 13H00 EST on January 31st, 2024, in meeting room TBA at the Georgia World Congress Center.


For registration access