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Dr. Darrin Karcher Receives Charles Beard Research Excellence Award


The 2024 USPOULTRY Foundation recognized Dr. Darrin Karcher with the Dr. Charles Beard    Research Excellence Award.  Dr. Karcher is an Associate Professor of Animal Sciences at Purdue University and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Animal Science at Michigan State University.  The selection of Dr. Karcher was based on exceptional research focused on nutrition, management and skeletal integrity in laying hens.


Dr. Denise Heard, Vice President of Research Programs for USPOULTRY noted, “Dr. Karcher was a standout nominee for this award because his research focusing on addressing producers’ concerns with laying hen management, bird welfare and food safety has provided a wealth of knowledge of the layer industry.


Dr. Karcher completed his BS degree at Ohio State University, received an MS in Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin and earned a Ph.D in Animal Science at Purdue University.