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Sodexo Promoting Plant-Based University Meals


Sodexo, a multinational food service company specializing in institutional and educational catering, is a force in promoting plant-based protein. The Company has established a goal of serving half of all meals as plant-based by 2025. 


 Their latest initiative is to install two separate serving stations in dining halls.  One termed DefaultVeg will serve only plant-based items.  A second station will serve both plant-based and animal-derived meals. The DefaultVeg program was established in cooperation with the Better Food Foundation and the Food for Climate League.

The implications of promoting plant-based meals to university students are self-evident.  Successive generations of students will be attuned to plant-based servings irrespective of cost and quality compared to animal-derived products.  The promotion of plant-based meals will be accompanied by appropriate publicity emphasizing welfare and sustainability benefits that may or may not be valid.